Annelies is the owner of the Nuarro lodge in Mozambique. The Nuarro lodge is located next to the village Nanatha. Annelies is currently staying in Texel and not at the Nuarro lodge in Mozambique. At the beginning of the coronavirus nobody knew what was happening and what to do. On a random day they send a group of officials from the district of Nanatha who told what was going to happen and what was happening. There are still a lot of misunderstandings, lots of lodges are still open, but the borders are closed and there is no public transport. Just as the rest of Africa, Mozambique has a messy way of working. It's not as organized as the Netherlands. 

 Lots of people accused the Nuarro lodge of spreading the coronavirus on purpose. These people who are accusing the lodge of spreading the virus are mostly elderly people or people who can't read. This is very common in these areas of Mozambique. These people don't understand that there a mysterious virus that's deadly. The reasons for these allegations are that they want to kill them or because they want to take their land from them. For example, tourists went scuba diving at the Nuarro lodge and the citizens were told that they were catching fish with golden coins in there stomach. This was 10 years ago but it's a good way to show how it works. The first time they heard about the disease and the lockdown people got really scared and didn't know what to do. These people are already coping with problems such as hunger, no clean drinking water, Cholera, Typhus, Malaria every year and all of a sudden there is this weird virus called COVID-19. Thereafter they are told that they can't leave their village and that they can't go to work, that causes real panic. Even though there is a lockdown the agriculture continued but doing this with one and a half meter distance isn't possible. 

The Nuarro lodge also has a problem they are closed since the beginning but they don't want to give in on their salary or vacation days. They just don't understand. At the time of the interview the hospitals were empty because at that moment there were no contaminations. This was due to the fast reply of sub-Saharan Africa. If the coronavirus spreads in one of the sub-Saharan countries then it will go really fast. The coronavirus combined with one of the other diseases will definitely be deadly. For example, more than 30% of the population of Mozambique has HIV. That means that 30% of the population has a big chance of dying. That means it's important that the virus doesn't spread fast because when this happens it will have big consequences for the citizens. One of the reasons is the bad hygiene in Mozambique and the lack of knowledge about basic hygiene. This will cause a outbreak in the nearby future.

International Aid & Development - COVID-19
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