"Narema is a small development organization in Wli, a small village among the green hills of eastern Ghana. Wli is at walking distance from the highest waterfall in West Africa. It is a popular spot for tourists. Wli itself is a small village with about 4500 inhabitants.

Narema is run by the Ghanaian couple Martha and Prosper Sapathy and Edem Azar, (Edem has now left Narema - we hope to recruit a replacement soon) who is responsible for the daily coordination and supervision of the volunteers. The main goal of this organization is to improve the educational system and support community development. In addition, they also support livelihood in the entire village community and its surroundings. The couple has also a hotel in Wli.

Narema activities is impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. The work they do are people-centered development.That's why Narema's employees and associates listen to each other to see how the crisis is affecting or will affect their communities. The lives and livelihoods of people in the community have changed or been adversely affected in various ways. Activities have stopped in some ways. The absence of volunteers means that certain activities, especially in relation to their lives and interactions with people in the community, are not continuing. Normally volunteers do add another dimension to different activities carried out by Namera and its stakeholders. The absence of volunteers therefore has consequences and Narema thinks the consequences will be negative" (Sapathy, 2020).

Wli is known for its beautiful waterfall. (Devotor, 2020)
Wli is known for its beautiful waterfall. (Devotor, 2020)
International Aid & Development - COVID-19
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